I am a priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ, ordained in 2006.  I first became interested in literature in high school, so it came as no surprise that I majored in it in college.   I had a choice of taking either a teaching track or a writing track.  I chose the teaching track, which was not bad in itself.  It gave me the interest in teaching the faith to people who need clarification.   But I felt that I should have pursued the writing track.  So now I am revisiting that very painstaking task of exercising that “writing muscle” that has been left somewhat dormant for years.

Writing has always been something I’ve done whether I was in Grad School or in seminary, or – as it is now – preparing homilies for Sunday.  After having submitted my first paper for the Graduate program in counseling, my professor commented, “Finally a grad student who can write!”

Yet, I have always had an keen interest in creative writing.  There is something about being able to craft a story, mold characters and watch them take the story in directions the writer never thought of.

While I have never published any work of fiction, I put together this web site as the start of what hopefully can grow into a network of Catholics who want to take back the arena of fiction and claim it for Christ.   The ones that will benefit most are the readers!  and hopefully the writers.

This web site is not only for writers, but for anyone interested in exploring the themes and works of the great Catholic authors of the past, both long past and recent, and everywhere in between.

To explore the imaginations of these writers may spark our own imagination  . . . and so the adventure continues . . .