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The Giant of Chaldor

The Giant of Chaldor by Arthur Powers There was once a tribe of little, frightened people, making their way, and mostly losing it, across a great empty plain toward the Mountains of Mome. Their leader was the Giant of Chaldor. He had appeared to them one day, seemingly out of nowhere. He was vast and…

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Double Trouble

By Walt Staples Odell Moore glared at his enemy. “Milton, it’s bad enough Melba married something like you. Now look what you’ve done.” Milton Frisk returned the look of love from his brother-in-law and fellow funeral director. “I’ve done? Look, you bean-pole, if you hadn’t been a hog this never wouldda happened. The Monroes were…

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Friday Night

by Walt Staples Ike Perlman had just stepped out of the ER’s ambulance entrance for a smoke as the wagon from Trauma 4 screamed into the lot. He flicked the just lit cigarette away and ran to help hurry the gurney and its load through the doors. “Kitten” Kelly set her coffee cup down at…

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